Chimpanzee Close Up

Dr. Jane Goodall lends an ear to Sarah, during her visit to the centre in 2010

About 1 million Chimpanzees used to range across major Forest blocks across Africa by the start of this century. Currently, only 175,000 individuals are left , and their habitats quickly disappearing as the human population increases.
Uganda has an estimate of 5,000 individuals in the wild, who face survival threats; habitat destruction, loss to snares/ mantraps, bushmeat among others.
Our residents are victims of the above threats and require daily routine exercises in the forest with their surrogate mothers/ caregivers. Join them and catch this rare opportunity to bond with mans’ closest relative and learn how you can help save and protect those in the wild.
For only USD 260 you cannot only enjoy yourself, but greatly support our efforts to give chimps an opportunity to survive!
Activity time
Morning  7:30-8:30am
Please for health requirements before signing up for the program.

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