Vision, Mission and Values


To be the leading Centre in Biodiversity Conservation Education in Africa


Uganda Wildlife Education Centre exists to educate the public on conservation of wildlife, with emphasis on the young generation, in partnership with stakeholders


Honesty – UWEC will exhibit the highest level of honesty in all dealings with its visitors, clients and all  stakeholders in general

Integrity will be the hallmark of UWEC’s dealings with all its visitors, internal and external clients and all  stakeholders in general

Accountability – UWEC will hold itself accountable to the entire public, to the different international conventions that the country is signed to, both in its operations and management

Respect for wildlife and nature – UWEC will at all times hold in respect the wildlife and nature of this earth and will hold this in priority in all its operations and dealings; will strive to create awareness of issues affecting this nature and wildlife and will advocate tireless for the sustainable utilization of the same.

Professionalism – UWEC will conduct itself and its business in a professional manner with due respect accorded to ethical operation of its business and following of ‘best practice’ in all its dealings

Customer-focused serviceAll this will be done in a customer-focused manner that takes due care of the interests and feelings of all stakeholders.

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