PAAZAB Endorses UWEC Bush-Meat Program
The African Association of Zoos and Aquaria (PAAZAB), a South African based organization aimed at representing the interests of bona fide zoos and aquaria on the African continent, fully endorsed UWEC’s Bush Meat Conservation Education Program in a recent conference held in South Africa.
UWEC was commended for its outstanding involvement in programs that are intended at mitigating the bush meat crisis in Uganda. Through the outreach section, studies were carried out in areas surrounding the Murchison Falls National Park to identify the species involved, commonly used tools and the effects of the bush meat problem to wildlife species and human populations. It was upon these that booklets, posters and a documentary on bush meat crisis were produced and disseminated throughout the affected areas. Further, the program was rolled out to schools and other communities and later integrated into the Bush Meat Crisis Africa website (, which was officially launched at the conference. The website is interactive and has multilingual features, an international donation portal and daily news updates on illegal hunting/poaching, environmental degradation and other animal welfare issues, dedicated to educate and inform the public for positive action towards achieving a bush-meat-crisis-free Africa. The program, already registered in South Africa as a trust, is aimed at raising funds for UWEC’s Bush Meat Conservation Education Program. We congratulate all those who were pivotal in initiating and making it a reality.

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